Raspberry Pi Zero 4 Port USB Hub – Open Source PCB Design

pi hub.png

Github link: https://github.com/openhardwarecoza/Rpi-Zero-USB-Hub

In line with my other projects I need to make a USB hub attachment for the Pi Zero.
Seeing as the community figured out that the Raspberry Pi Design team was clever enough to leave us D+  and D- test points at the bottom, I came up with this design above.

See those pads for D+, D-, gnd and 5v?  Yip, the ide is that you can acually reflow this board onto the back of a Pi Zero!

Where’s the Gerbers?  I haven’t uploaded the gerbers to Github yet, since I only finished the Eagle drawing a few mins ago. Eagles are off to DirtyPCBs.com, and once I tested the board, I’ll upload.

This is a 4 Port USB2.0 hub designed around the TI TUSB2046B

  • Directly solderable to Pi Zero USB+PWR pads
  • Cutout for GPIO pin bottoms
  • Screw holes match Pi Zero


Part     Value           Package

C2       0.01uF          C0603
C5       15pf            C0603
C6       15pF            C0603
C7       1uF             A/3216-18W
C9       22Pf            C0603
C10      22Pf            C0603
C11      22Pf            C0603
C12      22Pf            C0603
C13      22Pf            C0603
C14      22Pf            C0603
C15      1UF             A/3216-18W
C16      1uF             C/6032-28R
C32      22Pf            C0603
C33      22Pf            C0603
IC5      LD117AS33TR     SOT223
Q2       12MHz           CTS406
R1       15K             R0603
R2       15K             R0603
R3       10k             R0603
R4       22              R0603
R7       22              R0603
R12      15K             R0603
R13      15K             R0603
R14      15K             R0603
R15      15K             R0603
R16      15K             R0603
R17      15K             R0603
R18      15k             R0603
U$5      TUSB2046B     LQFP-32

As always, design’s yours to do as you please, if you do end up getting rich selling these, remember you owe me a few beers (;

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