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Adding Raster support to LaserWeb: progressing nicely!



raster view

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Free designs for a folded metal CNC and 3D printer!

In 2014 I designed a folded metal 3D printer, and with collaboration with Waleed Kahn, we also designed a folded metal CNC machine

The designs have been sitting in Github since I closed the shop in Dec 2014, and it’s just sad to see two such really cool machine designs just sitting around.

So if you have (or have access to) a sheetmetal factory anywhere in the world, and you would like to sell these, you have my blessings and support! If you get rich off it, do remember to buy me some beer though!



Sources are on Github:


Babybot 3D Printer: in 2015 – a Review

I have never been a good blogger.  For me, firing up the PC, logging into wordpress and banging out a post is a LOT more work that just quickly posting on one of the social networks.

That said, 2015 was still a pretty good year statistically:

Some highlights:

  • 62451 views from 22482 visitors
  • almost 1/6th coming from the USA (with my own country coming in at 4th place – shame on you! lol)
  • I had one of my projects featured on and that referred me a whopping 5164 visits
  • The OpenHAB projects, being in tutorial format, seems to have brought in the largest readership! Lets see in 2016 where I expect most of my posts will be about lasers, CNCs and OpenBuilds!

Open source hardware: Why not Open Stats too:  Here’s my WordPress stats:



On Google Plus I think I did marginally better:

  • Almost doubled my number of followers
  • Became Moderator for the following Google Plus Communities:
    • OpenBuilds: with 795 Members at the time of writing
    • 3D Printing: with 227,220 Members at the time of writing
  • Clocked in over 2.5 Million views on my Google Plus profile!  Quite proud of that..
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Facebook Pages

Pretty much gave up on Facebook this year, I did gain around 100 followers during 2015 (now at 846 total) but I nowadays rarely post on there… I just find my other audiences more engaging to work with


Only 33 followers – but worth checking out – thats where ALL the open source work I do, ends up! Tonnes of gold in those – from PCBs to a complete open source CNCs (folded metal design), 3D Printers, etc live.  You guys could be selling those and then sending me some beer!




LaserWeb: Preliminary work on Javascript based Raster Support

Over the past two days I have been working on using Paper.JS to generate Raster GCODE so I can later integrate that into LaserWeb:

test raster

TO read about the specifics of this work, I am not going to blog about it here since it can get very technical with links back to Github lines all over, so I am going to use a Github Issue as a worklog / collaboration tool:
Review the thread on

LaserWeb – Added Parametric Gear Generator and Parametric Tabbed Box Maker

I added an OpenJSCAD based backend to LaserWeb:

This allows me to add “apps” for parametric generators by simply adding a few lines of code and uploading a parametric OpenJSCAD script:

So far I added two apps:

  1. Parametric Gear Generator

parametric gear generator.png

2.  Tabbed Box creator

tabbed box.png


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