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Resurrecting the OpenCNC-ZA with the help of

A few weeks ago I released the old OpenCNC-ZA files on here – since then renewed interest in the design has exploded in a rather massive way! approached me to say they want to commercialise the design in the US and EU, so I have started revamping the design to bring it into 2016!

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I am on Patreon

With some persuation from Arthur Wolf (Creator of the Smoothieboard), I decided to join the Patreon bandwagon, to see what its all about.

I think the platform lends itself to two advantages to me:

  1.  An easier way of getting the things I make, into my supporters hands
  2. A way to accelerate my prototyping.  There are literally hundreds of half finished designs on my PC. Why aren’t they complete?
    2.1  Social Pressure is a huge motivator (just look at all the work I did the past year)
    2.2  Crowdfunding prototypes: Many of my designs sit for months before I get round to prototyping them due to parts cost (and often funds get diverted to newer projects leaving brilliant old ones dying before they see the light of day)

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