Big toys

In a follow up from, here’s a list of the items that’s getting heavy on my wishlist these days (as production starts to ramp up and the projects get more complex)

Note I have not ordered any of these yet, but, the selected parts are all well researched and recommended by the independant repair community and makers alike:

  • Laser: The infamous K40, after conversion to Smoothieware, becomes a useful prototyping tool: Product – small 40W laser engraver carving machine 3020

  • Infrared Reflow Oven:  A hacked Toaster works, up to a point (; Product – 220V/110V Smart Reflow Oven Infrared IC Heater Soldering Machine 800 W 180 x 235 mm BGA SMD SMT Rework CE Certificate / T962

  • Hotplate: Not just for assembly but also for rework preheating Product – YIHUA 946A BGA Preheating Station

  • Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner
    I had the unheated model before and that didnt work to get flux off the board. Apparently I was supposed to get the heated model (; Product – Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner Cleaning Machine 6L

  • Solder Paste Dispenser:  Currently use one of Magnum’s little manual models that look like a caulking gun.  Really a pain in the hand (literally) Product – YDL-983A Professional Precise Digital Auto Glue Dispenser Solder Paste Liquid Controller Dropper 220V Free Shipping Product – Free Shipping Mini CNC Milling Machine Router CNC 3040 Z-DQ 3 AXIS 220V 230W With Ball Screw