in 2015 – a Review

I have never been a good blogger.  For me, firing up the PC, logging into wordpress and banging out a post is a LOT more work that just quickly posting on one of the social networks.

That said, 2015 was still a pretty good year statistically:

Some highlights:

  • 62451 views from 22482 visitors
  • almost 1/6th coming from the USA (with my own country coming in at 4th place – shame on you! lol)
  • I had one of my projects featured on and that referred me a whopping 5164 visits
  • The OpenHAB projects, being in tutorial format, seems to have brought in the largest readership! Lets see in 2016 where I expect most of my posts will be about lasers, CNCs and OpenBuilds!

Open source hardware: Why not Open Stats too:  Here’s my WordPress stats:



On Google Plus I think I did marginally better:

  • Almost doubled my number of followers
  • Became Moderator for the following Google Plus Communities:
    • OpenBuilds: with 795 Members at the time of writing
    • 3D Printing: with 227,220 Members at the time of writing
  • Clocked in over 2.5 Million views on my Google Plus profile!  Quite proud of that..
  • google plus

Facebook Pages

Pretty much gave up on Facebook this year, I did gain around 100 followers during 2015 (now at 846 total) but I nowadays rarely post on there… I just find my other audiences more engaging to work with


Only 33 followers – but worth checking out – thats where ALL the open source work I do, ends up! Tonnes of gold in those – from PCBs to a complete open source CNCs (folded metal design), 3D Printers, etc live.  You guys could be selling those and then sending me some beer!