Raspberry Pi Zero + Grbl + TMC2660 Controller – Update

Wow, I have to admit the community has overwhelmed me with their support over the last two days!

Since my posts on Google Plus on Friday, a lot of people has stepped forward offering their help and support.
I’ve received donations from:

  • Samer Najia – $50
  • Casey Coward – $5
  • Brain Bland – $10
  • Klemen Zivkovic – $10
  • Frankie Graffagnino – $25
  • James K Rivera – $10
  • OpenBuilds Part Store – $250

After paypal’s fees that means I have $343 left to start ordering parts!

Since most of the BOM consists of parts from my parts/circuits library, I don’t need to wait for the full PCB design to be complete to start ordering.

So will get that done this week. Local tax laws means I cannot just spend straight out of paypal like my US buddies can, so it takes couple of days extra to first withdraw it to my South African bank account, additional fees as well…

In the meantime, work on the design has continued:

First I had to draw up a Eagle LBR for the Pi Zero (Seems I was the first oke to make a shield for it hehehe) – I posted it to the Raspberry Pi Forum on Saturday.  (today there are more results, on Saturday morning when I searched I couldn’t find any)

Next, I started the process of consolidating the “building blocks” onto a single board:

So far on the board from top left to bottom right:

  • LM2596-5   %v 3A Switchmode Buck converter
  • 3 x TMC2660 Stepper Drivers with 3.5mm pluggable screw terminals
  • 3 x Endstops (pluggable 3.5mm terminals)
  • 1 x Z-Probe connector (3,5mm pluggable)
  • Pullup resistors and reverse baised diodes for the endstops/probe to allow you to use any NPN type Inductive, or Normally Open switch as a endstop/probe.  The onboard circuitry filters noise and blocks high voltage from the MCU
  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Atmega328 running Grbl
  • Screw terminals for Spindle Enable, PWM signals


Keep the donations coming, there’s always more projects that could use funding