#freeburn2 – Open Source CO2 Laser Cutter



Now that FreeBurn-1 is up and running (see http://openbuilds.com/builds/openbuilds-freeburn-1-v-slot-co2-laser-60-100w.1001/)

I think it’s time to start working on my 4th iteration of a lasercutter design: FreeBurn-2-Mini

The Mini is a much smaller (900x650mm desktop footprint) machine that offers approximately 600x400mm work area, with a 40-50w tube (larger tubes need a longer body – so you would be better off building a FreeBurn-1 style machine if you want higher wattage)

Furthermore, the Mini will use a lot more lasercut/waterjetted metal sheeting (yes I hear you – but trust me every big town has a shop just hunt them down) with some strategic bends. Also, a BIG challenge is to make the whole design be bolt-together. If I could use spot welds my job would be a lot easier but then that would make reproducing the machine / packing as a kit / later disassembly impossible – and I’m not prepared to compromise those. No the FreeBurn-2 Mini will need nothing but a few bolts to assemble!

The sheetmetal frame will be easier to align than a FreeBurn-v1