New project: LaserWeb – a Node.JS based Lasercutter/Engraver frontend for machines converted to run on Marlin Firmware

So, you bought a chinese laser cutter…

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First you spend a few weeks fixing the blatant safety flaws (door switches and the like) … only to get frustrated with Moshidraw and LaserDraw and all the other software that comes with it.

You start googling, you find out theres a lot of people who converted their K40 40w chinese lasers to run on RAMPS+Marlin.  For example

2015 - 1 (3)

PS: a note on using a RAMPS, sure that’s great and everything, but if you decide to follow this conversion, look at the stunning board I spun up to do that for you, tailored for lasers, better than using a RAMPS,  over on, at


So you jump in, and do the hardware conversion.

Only to get thrown back under the bus with lots of new words like CAM, and Gcode, and svg, and dxf, inkscape plugins written in python and … well long story short – how the heck to I take my drawing and just cut it without having to go through tonnes of ‘cam workflows’ converting from one format to the other to the next to finally to gcode then use a 3D printer host to send gcode to my laser… and you lost focus halfway through that rant right?

So, I started a little project a few days ago, called LaserWeb.  To make running your Marlin based lasercutter (be it a converted K40, or a Diode laser, or a #FREEBURN2) as easy as it can get…

laserweb nov

For more information on this rapidly changing project, head over to

Its designed to be simplistic:

Open a GCODE, SVG, DXF or file and start cutting right away!

If you have feedback, issues or bugs, please report it at